Hybrid IP System

Panasonic's Hybrid IP PBX system is a powerful communications tool designed to support businesses in today's Converged Networking age.

Reflecting on Panasonic's 20 years as a leader in the field, the Hybrid IP PBX system merges PBX functions and reliability with IP technology. The result is a high-performance business communication system that provides advanced telephone messaging solutions, efficient and flexible communications, Wireless Mobility, IP Networking capability, Voice-Over IP, and seamless integration with your PC through plug-n-play USB Connection.

In line with Panasonic's commitment to user-friendly operation, the Hybrid IP PBX system is easy to use even without a lot of IP experience.

  • Up to 640 Lines and/or 920 Extensions
  • 43 Universal Slots
  • 512 Portable Handsets
  • VoIP Telephones
  • VoIP Gateway
  • Multi-Site Networking
  • CTI / LAN / WAN Connectivity
  • 7600 Series Telephones
  • Enhanced Call Centre Functionality
  • USB terminal for easy plug-n-play functionality
  • eXtra Device Port (XDP) and Digital XDP1
  • Wireless / Multi-Cell Telephones
  • Easy to Upgrade System
  • Caller ID2 of up to 20 Characters
  • Large easy-to-read 6-line backlit display
  • Time-Saving, Easy-to-Use Navigator Keys
  • Programmable Keys with Red/Green LED
  • Full-duplex Speakerphone (excluding: KX-T7667)
  • Multi-language Capability

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